British Psychological Society Investigating Historical Malpractice

The British Psychological Society is conducting an investigation of historical malpractice by Society members. The investigation is being held in secret, behind closed doors, and without any independent checks and balances. The Society does not want the public to know about this investigation. Even the Society’s own members do not know the details of theContinue reading “British Psychological Society Investigating Historical Malpractice”

Sordid genealogies

This post republishes under Creative Commons licence an extract of an original paper authored by Michael Wintroub and published in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications volume 7, Article number: 41 (2020). A Correction to this article was published on 27 August 2020. Abstract “Sordid Genealogies: A Conjectural History of Cambridge Analytica’s Eugenic Roots” explores the history of the methods employed by Cambridge AnalyticaContinue reading “Sordid genealogies”

The Alleged Mental Problems of Vincent van Gogh

New vision on the mental problems of Vincent van Gogh; results from a bottom-up approach using (semi-)structured diagnostic interviews. Here I republish the Abstract of an article by Willem A Nolen et al. The views expressed here are theirs and do not necessarily reflect the views of the curator of this website. Interviews were conductedContinue reading “The Alleged Mental Problems of Vincent van Gogh”

Vincent van Gogh’s Physician

 This post continues the story of Vincent van Gogh in Arles. As everybody is aware, Vincent’s paintings received a low level of appreciation during his lifetime. The ‘Portrait of Doctor Felix Rey’ (above, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts) was a thank-you present to Dr Rey after Vincent’s first visit to hospital. Although only aContinue reading “Vincent van Gogh’s Physician”

Vincent van Gogh in Arles: He came, he saw and he ended up in hospital

   “..they call a painter mad if he sees with eyes other than theirs.”  Vincent van Gogh, August 1888. The fame and fortune of the City of Arles – in no small measure – is the legacy of two notable foreigners: Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) and Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890). The former “came, saw,Continue reading “Vincent van Gogh in Arles: He came, he saw and he ended up in hospital”

The General Theory of Behaviour IV: Homeostasis, Balance and Stability

Welcome to this post, the 4th in a series about the General Theory of Behaviour published by the author in 2018 (Marks, 2018, SAGE Publications London).  The General Theory describes and defines psychological homeostasis as a fundamental process in behaviour and motivation, reintroducing Psychology to natural science. The General Theory has significant  implications for methodology, epistemologyContinue reading “The General Theory of Behaviour IV: Homeostasis, Balance and Stability”

The Aerial Perspective: Leonardo, Botticelli and Vincent van Gogh

Anybody today can take a photo with a cell phone and immediately look at the resulting image. One can edit and transform the image using a variety of fixes and, if one’s luck is in, the end-product may be a ‘true-to-life’ resemblance of one’s original perception of the scene. Marvellous! Quite often, however, the imageContinue reading “The Aerial Perspective: Leonardo, Botticelli and Vincent van Gogh”

Columbo Goes to the Guillotine

A replay on Channel 10 (TMC in France) of Columbo’s 1989 return to the television screen showed Columbo Goes to the Guillotine . This 90-minute episode features a crooked psychic, a crooked magician, and a crooked director of a scientific institute hell-bent on gaining government sponsorship for a phoney research programme on the paranormal. ColumboContinue reading “Columbo Goes to the Guillotine”

Columbo, the Paranormal and Science — Reason, Religion and Science

To identify and apprehend criminals, all detectives are compelled to rely to a greater or lesser extent on science – particularly forensic science, that is to say, science used in courts of law. Nowadays, scientists at state-owned forensic laboratories perform essential investigations to assist the police and give expert evidence in court in support of […]Continue reading “Columbo, the Paranormal and Science — Reason, Religion and Science”

‘That Dude’ Strikes Again

That Dude has struck again. A second review of another of my books appeared on Amazon on 14 April 2021. On this second strike, this author is making a little progress: ‘That Dude’ actually awarded my book 2.0 out of 5 stars instead of just one! I graciously accept this 100% increase in my book’sContinue reading “‘That Dude’ Strikes Again”