‘An obscure public-house on the Chiswick bank of the river’

23rd August 2018 At 30,000 feet on the midday flight from Marseille to Heathrow, I am thinking how to spend the afternoon. Unable to go straight home because an estate agent has arranged a viewing with a potential tenant, how would I fill this time?  I decide to go for lunch at one of myContinue reading “‘An obscure public-house on the Chiswick bank of the river’”

About ‘The Roots of Coincidence’

Thanks for visiting. The Roots of Coincidence is the title of Arthur Koestler’s famous book. I use the image from Koestler’s book cover as a logo. Here we explore what those roots might be. We examine Koestler’s theories, and explore theories of our own. The aim is to collect as many stories as possible aboutContinue reading “About ‘The Roots of Coincidence’”