Ed Diener Dies:

Ed Diener, innovator in the field of happiness research, has died. I post here Ed Diener’s obituary from the Association for Psychological Science, April 28, 2021. Ed Diener, a psychological scientist whose seminal research examined the factors that influence people’s life satisfaction and happiness, died April 27. The founding editor of APS’s Perspectives on Psychological Science journal, he received the APS William James Fellow Award in 2013 and had servedContinue reading “Ed Diener Dies:”

How is obesity associated with happiness? Evidence from China

Abstract Yiwei Liu, Ling Xu, Aaron Hagedorn First Published October 11, 2020  Research Articlehttps://doi.org/10.1177/1359105320962268 Liu Y, Xu L, Hagedorn A. How is obesity associated with happiness? Evidence from China. Journal of Health Psychology. October 2020. doi:10.1177/1359105320962268rticle information  Abstract Happiness is a universal goal that people pursue. Studies of the relationship between obesity and happiness have shown mixed findings. ItContinue reading “How is obesity associated with happiness? Evidence from China”