Embedded Bias: How Medical Records Sow Discrimination

DISCLAIMER: The republication of this article, originally published by KHN, by the curator of ‘Curious About Behaviour’ is not an endorsement of the opinions expressed by the contributor(s). By Darius Tahir September 26, 2022 David Confer, a bicyclist and an audio technician, told his doctor he “used to be Ph.D. level” during a 2019 appointmentContinue reading “Embedded Bias: How Medical Records Sow Discrimination”

‘Brilliant’ – But Censored

Here I post a chapter described as ‘brilliant’ by the book’s editor but censored by the book publisher. British Psychology In Crisis: A Case Study in Organisational Dysfunction (Ed., David Pilgrim, University of Southampton; Publisher, Kate Pearce, Phoenix Publishing House) will be available later in 2022. The publisher insisted on censoring words such as ‘sordid’Continue reading “‘Brilliant’ – But Censored”

Dr.  Hope Landrine,  1954-2019: In Memoriam

 Dr Hope Landrine, 1954-2019 Hope Landrine’s Life and Work Dr. Hope Landrine was born in Yonkers, NY, USA on July 4, 1954, to John Albert Landrine and Sarah Alice Palmer. Sadly, after a brief illness, Hope Landrine died in Greenville, NC, USA on Sept 3, 2019. Hope Landrine was the first director of the EastContinue reading “Dr.  Hope Landrine,  1954-2019: In Memoriam”

Can I really be the only BPS member seeking retraction of racist science from British Psychological Society journals?

Context Here I discuss one of the most disgusting and offensive articles ever to appear in print: J. Philippe Rushton (1990): “Race Differences, r/K theory, and a Reply to Flynn,” The Psychologist: Bulletin of the British Psychological Society, Vol. 3, 5 (May): 195-98. In spite of the furore created by this publication 30 years ago, this article remains published on the website ofContinue reading “Can I really be the only BPS member seeking retraction of racist science from British Psychological Society journals?”

The British Psychological Society as institutionally racist

Context I write this as a member of the British Psychological Society. For more years that I care to remember, I have been on the brink of resigning from what I consider to be a racist society.  The only reason to remain as a member has been the belief that one can exert more influenceContinue reading “The British Psychological Society as institutionally racist”