Covid-19: WHO urges action as 17 million long covid cases are estimated in Europe

Reproduced from the BMJ 2022; 378 doi: (Published 14 September 2022) Cite this as: BMJ 2022;378:o2232 By Jacqui Wise PLEASE NOTE: THE ABOVE ILLUSTRATION WAS ADDED BY DFM AND NOT A PART OF THE ORIGINAL BMJ ARTICLE. An estimated 17 million people experienced long covid in the first two years of the pandemic inContinue reading “Covid-19: WHO urges action as 17 million long covid cases are estimated in Europe”

Blood money for the sport of cricket

Chimpanzees Treat Each Other’s Wounds with Insects, Study Finds

Source: USA Today – World NewsIt has been long known chimpanzees are an evolving and smart species, but have they learned how to use their own … Chimpanzees Treat Each Other’s Wounds with Insects, Study Finds

“A classic in the field”

Warm thanks to the following seven endorsers of  Health Psychology (4th & 5th Editions) quoted below: Fourth Edition: “This book has become a classic in the field – sophisticated,  accessible and interesting.   It is of great use to students, teachers and practitioners of Health Psychology world wide.” Leslie Swartz, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.Continue reading ““A classic in the field””

“Absolute joy to read”

Previews of The Health Psychology Reader Click below for a Preview of the Editor’s Introduction and Chapter 1: Matarazzo, J. D. (1982). Behavioral health’s challenge to academic, scientific, and professional psychology. American Psychologist, 37(1), 1. Intro IntroCh1 Reviews of The Health Psychology Reader `This book was an absolute joy to read and offers a comprehensive review of health psychology….Continue reading ““Absolute joy to read””

Stop Smoking Now

If you’re a smoker and want to give up the habit, then Stop Smoking Now is designed for you. The approach involves restoration of homeostasis without nicotine in the body or nicotine replacement, e-cigarettes or any other kind of crutch in the form of medication. The truth is Stop Smoking Now could not only saveContinue reading “Stop Smoking Now”